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4PS Consulting company is a firm in the field of administrative consultancy, providing unprecedentedly innovative and outstanding solutions in the field of administration. 4PS was established in 2010 with a concept of entering the market to drive the regional economy forward. Extending our services through the different areas in Egypt as well as the Gulf countries.

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4PS Consulting
Mansoura, mashaya, in front of police club, above Al-Baron
Phone: (+20)-50 2200840
Email: info@4ps-consulting.com

What is management?

Management as a concept,is the process of ensuring that an entity is able to operate in both the immediate and the near future.
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4PS Soul

Creating successful working relationships that drive lasting results.
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About Consulting

What is 4PS Consulting ? We are a specialized firm in the field of administrative consultancy, providing unprecedentedly innovative and outstanding solutions in the field of administration.
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What we aim for ?

Our consulting team believe in creating value for our clients and social impact through our projects.
We build our comunity by sharing knowledge and expertise to our clients, and we guide them by implementing our 4PS soul theory in Their business in order to guarantee the aimed bright future of success.

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About Us

Vision Following up the continuous economic, social and political changes that affect the market and the investment process. Providing the market with highly trained caliber with a variety of specializations and skills that help in reaching the desired goals of clients. Extending our services through the different areas in Egypt as well as the Gulf countries in the near future.

Our Mission Providing innovative ideas for solving problems and overcoming the obstacles facing big institutions or bodies in achieving their main goals. Creating new strategies and plans for companies that need improvement or development. Assisting the different institutions in the organizational restructuring process which strongly reflects on their performance. Assisting different entities with a high caliber staff in order to achieve their desirable goal.

  • What is 4PS ?

    DEFINITION of Marketing Mix Usually referring to E. Jerome McCarthys 4 P classification for developing an effective marketing strategy, which encompasses: product, price, placement (distribution) and promotion. When it s a consumer-centric marketing mix, it has been extended to include three more Ps: people, process and physical evidence, and three Cs: cost, consumer and competitor. Depending on the industry and the target of the marketing plan, marketing managers will take various approaches to each of the four Ps We are a specialized firm in the field of administrative consultancy, providing unprecedentedly innovative and outstanding solutions in the field of administration. Generally speaking, We do take the ownership of our clients in order to put their business on track, by appliying 4PS stratigies whether new business or Development and Path of sucess.

  • Starting New business

    The company supports the clients continuously starting from ideas till profits. This includes: (Project Ideas, Feasibility Study, Advertising & Propaganda, Marketing (Advertising Plan- Database Collecting- Digital Marketing). Marketing 1-Market research 2-Comprehensive marketing plan 3-Solving marketing problems 4-Planning& implementing advertising and propaganda plans. 5-Establishing the controling systems of the marketing process inside/ outside the structures. 6-Framing distribution plans and opening new marketing channels. 7-Making the controling systems of the marketing plans and processes. 8-Establishing a strong database of customers for our clients to rely on in their marketing process. 9-Providing e- marketing & digital marketing. 10-Providing frequent training programs for our marketing agents.

  • Development and path of success

    Business process management activities are a natural and value added activity in any business positive transformation. Our expert management team of consultants examine your current business operations to ensure that every activity provides meaningful value. We can provide you 4PS starategy plan in assessing your current processes, identifying and prioritizing the best opportunities for process improvement, and designing and implementing business process improvement solutions after appling the 4PS strategy on the whole process. Business process management supports improved performance through operational excellence and business development.

Why Choose Us

4PS-Consulting helps companies and their employees deal with unique challenges every day. From coaching skills to observation of performance, in order to guarantee the future success of the Clients Business.

We are involved on-site when you need us. We do PROJECT MANAGEMENT and 4PS-Consulting SEARCH SERVICES in the areas of Performance, Finance, IT and HR.


As consultants with strong business analytics skills and deep sector experience, we do take the Ownership of Our clients case.

We blend strategy and operational capabilities with 4PS Soul Theory, methodology, and insights to accelerate your business velocity in Path of Success.

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Delta Annual Forum for Econemy

It is no longer traditional explanation of economic problems faced by countries lies in the lack of material resources. We saw developed countries lacking these resources, but they basically focused in the human resources in order achieve economic growth and development, exceeding countries that not relying on human resource.

It based on our belief that Egypt is the home of our hearts and also have human resources which is the best in the world, Egypt owns more than 86 thousand scientist in all fields, but unfortunately those scientists live outside the home boundaries due to the wrong economic policies since long decades.

Determined to that, this country deserves our exhaustive efforts to achieve this stature among the countries all over the world.

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Let us Do it For u


Whatever you can do, or dream you can with 4PS…
begin it; proficiency, productivity, Patience

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4Picture and vision
Performance analysis
Project management

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Watch Your Path of Success..
Proper performance
Positive power of success
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