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4PS Consulting company is a firm in the field of administrative consultancy, providing unprecedentedly innovative and outstanding solutions in the field of administration. 4PS was established in 2010 with a concept of entering the market to drive the regional economy forward. Extending our services through the different areas in Egypt as well as the Gulf countries.

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4PS Consulting
Mansoura, mashaya, in front of police club, above Al-Baron
Phone: (+20)-50 2200840
Email: info@4ps-consulting.com

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Team: Ok, we would like to analyze three key areas that We expect will help us understand whether this is a good opportunity or not. We believe it is important to first analyze the market, focusing on its size, growth potential and trends in terms of product design, then understand status of competitors and finally understand what this company can leverage from its existing operations once the new business is in place.
Our Team: There are a number of ways to do so. We can do some research and talk to your potential partner to get some information. Alternatively, we can visit some of the store or chains that sell that kind of product to build a market size from the bottoms up. Finally, we can estimate that number based on the population, etc.
4Ps=4 letters of "P" each one represents a key of the success elements.
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We will be more than happy to welcome our new clients in our branch to discuss, study and manage the satisfaction of our beloved clients.
First of all, our risk is 0% and success guarantee is 100 %. and that because of those reasons:
1: We are working by management consultancy
2: Satisfaction of our clients is our goal and first aimed target.
3: Starting anew business require the 4Ps application to be applied on the feasibility study by our team.
4: We are working by 100% winning strategy which is:

A: Management consultancy
B: Marketing
C: Hyman resources
D: Financial management
E: Information system
F: Administrative planning and improvement
To join our working group its easy. All what you have to do is to apply your CV to this Email address : cv@4ps-consulting.com
Our head office is in (Mansoura, Mashaia, in front of Police club, above "Elbaron"
wait our Cairo branch soon .