About Consulting

Its purpose is to show you how to work as an expert for industry and commerce as an individual research consultant and in certain specialist roles, such as an expert witness. Working through your institution’s authorized Consultancy Company or contracts office provides many advantages, which is our aim to raise your business and ought to be your preferred way of undertaking consultancy assignments.

Consulting Services, the provision of services to organizations, based primarily on skills and expertise, and the main type of consultancy relevant to a research institution. Firms access the knowledge and experience of researchers to resolve issues outside of their own field of expertise.

Expert Witness, a specialized form of consulting service in which a researcher is engaged to provide evidence in a legal action. Although best known in the medical field, typically in negligence suits, it is also commonly used in other cases involving a wide range of research areas. The expert witness is employed to add expert technical input to the arguments given in Court and provide high level analysis.

However an expert witness is often also asked to explain what the case is about to lay people or professionals involved. This can be very lucrative work for those with a well-established reputation in their field, but the expert witness will be required to be available to suit the timescales of legal cases which may not always fit well with other commitments.

Due Diligence, is the other main specialized form of consulting service, in which a researcher is engaged to provide advice in the course of a significant investment. Typically this happens when an investor, such as a venture capital firm, is looking to make an investment in an early-stage business or where a large company is considering buying a smaller one. Frequently the purpose of the consultancy is to validate the novelty or viability of the technology and its market and application assumptions.