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4PS Consulting company is a firm in the field of administrative consultancy, providing unprecedentedly innovative and outstanding solutions in the field of administration. 4PS was established in 2010 with a concept of entering the market to drive the regional economy forward. Extending our services through the different areas in Egypt as well as the Gulf countries.

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4PS Consulting
Mansoura, mashaya, in front of police club, above Al-Baron
Phone: (+20)-50 2200840
Email: info@4ps-consulting.com

What we aim for ?

Dedicated to quality

Dedicated to quality

Quality is like modern art. We may not be able to define great modern art; but we frequently (almost always) recognize it when we see it, that’s how we work as a firm. We take the ownership of our clients case and proceed with a framework of strategic analysis: -performance,   features, reliability, conformance, durability, serviceability, aesthetics, and perceived quality. That is why we are DEDICATED TO QUALITY...

Committed To Results

Committed To Results

4PS Firm is a result-oriented consulting company. We want to be the best service provider in our business. With our day-to-day focus on our clients, we think in terms of opportunities and possibilities. Our basic principle is that there is always room for improvement in both the process and the end result of our actions. It is the only way in which we can continue to our clients’ expectations.

Notable Quotes :

Warren Buffett

Rewards Tied to Results

Stock options are inevitably tied to the overall performance of a corporation. Logically, therefore, they should be awarded only to those managers with overall responsibility. Managers with limited areas of responsibility should have incentives that pay off in relation to results under their control. The .350 hitter expects, and also deserves, a big payoff for his performance -- even if he plays for a cellar-dwelling team. And the .150 hitter should get no reward -- even if he plays for a pennant winner. Only those with overall responsibility for the team should have their rewards tied to its results.

4PS Team

Managing in the short term while developing the plans for the future is the way of growth. We should be able to vision the Full picture while drawing the paint, In other words, set short-term goals that will snowball into long-term goal achievement.

Philip Tasho

Management Changes can help a lot With Timing

Management changes can help a lot with timing. If a board of directors is serious about restructuring, they'll often hire someone from a best-in-class company to make it happen. Those people aren't cheap, which shows the board is serious, and the fact that the person is willing to come indicates they think they can add value. An executive from a first-class company taking over a laggard can mean an opportunity is ripe for the picking.